Monday, March 7, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor....

BOY OH BOY. This last few days have been fun filled and interesting! The girls have been fully entertaining and quite little comedians. Work for me has picked up and slowed down to even out at a pretty sweet that I can manage right now. I have been car hunting/begging. Why I have to beg people to NOT sell at DOUBLE Kelly Blue Book is totally beyond me. More later on the car. I learned that I am immune to most of the Hollywood that surrounds me...more immune than I even thought! Kinda missing 'movie magic'. Probably because in a lot of ways Hollywood is not that much different than small town America. 

I know you guys aren't buying Hollyhood as small town, but really it's all very similar. Everybody knows everybody in this town. Even if you don't there are enough posers here saying they do that it still counts. There are few times I walk into my local Trader Joe's and don't see someone I know...same thing at Pla-Boy Liqour next door. The economy took a big bite out of this town too! Putting quite a few of mom and pop film industry places out of business! Trust me if you do something dumb or illegal in this town....EVERYBODY is gonna know (big thanks to the paparazzi for that one)! Hollywood is not glamorous AT ALL! It is run down and slightly ghetto. Even 5 years ago pictures from my block looked like Bosnia! Big ups to neighborhood rehabilitation :) It's just an over-priced...over-exposed version of any other small town. Trust me major stars would never live here! It smells like pee! BUT it's HOME. For us. For now. It's what we know. We know the neighborhood. We know our neighbors. We like them. We have BBQ's (ok ok so here we have COFFEE), it's all the same concept.

My immunity to it all is no fun. I was talking with my neighbor who has an unmentioned young hollywood celebrity friend. In this discussion we talked about the pitfalls of having a friend that becomes famous rather quickly. Myself. Well most of my celeb friends are not new to Hollywood and are not young and hot right now, so it is different from my experience. Anyhow. We decided it is way easier to get laid with this type of friend...BUT the amount of girls at throw themselves at the friend and then settle for you kinda sucks. Also decided that f*ing with the paparazzi may be totally fun when you are drunk...but totally annoying when you are not! Making me also decide that I am good not being famous to that extent...and making me feel better that none of my friends hit it big...kinda hoping you guys don'! In that conversation of trying to wonder what the obsession is with people on TV I learned that NOT being I am actually not fun! Maybe I should get excited to meet someone whom has been successful and is living the dream of doing what you always imagined. I probably never will at this point...met too many that I adore and love...only to learn...EH not so hot once they speak lines not written for them. I would love to meet my neighbors friend. Not so much for the fame aspect...but cuz they are friends and I hear funny stories about them and it would be good to 'put a face' to the person. Even though my DVR fully allows that...and yours probably does too! Not only that my neighbor is totally HOT in his own right ... so I am good. PS I hope he doesn't read my blog...cuz that would totally embarrass the hell out of me. Although I think there may have one drunken proposition that ended with..."Goodnight. Um. Yeah. See you in the morning. Sorry to hear your single." So thank you friendly neighbor for not taking advantage of the MILF next door! (if your reading)

So on to actual excerpts from actual boring conversations and work emails this week....

Me--"I am 5'7"

Some Other Person--"We need to find a throne for Tracey Ullman. She's 5'5""

"Tracey Ullman is 5'5" she appeared so much taller in 'Robin Hood-Men In Tights'...hmmm. Okay. I can slouch."

"Just standing on a ladder waiting for Matt Damon to hurry up so I can do my job. Thought I would call and say hi while I waited."

"Oh. Hi! That's fun. I am looking through pages of really HOT male models to pay $300 a day for their services."

"I bet Santa watched the Oscars when it was on...and I bet he knew who would win cuz he's MAGIC."

"Sorry but court is running behind because Charlie Sheen is here in Family Court trying to get custody of his kids back...and he has the same judge as you we think."

"That William and Kate lifetime movie is making my job way harder than it has to be right now."

**please note I para-phrased as to not recount ENTIRE conversations, because they were your boring same ole' same ole' everyday no excitement here kinda stuff!

It really hit me last Friday how normal it all is to me and how not normal it is to other people. Guess I am in the right business then. 

I have been hunting for a car on CL. Actors even sell their cars on CL and they don't budge on prices even with all their money. DANG IT! lol What a nerve wracking experience! Suddenly this town does not seem so small...there are a million cars and thousands of scams. I have been looking at SUV's because often times as part of my job I need one ... where else would I fit camera equipment so that you can have TV commercials and the late night bad indie flick :) Plus, Hollyhome has three darling Hollybabies and two car seats...Honda Civic...YUP won't work for us! Although with rising gas prices I certainly wish I could talk myself into one! Although if someone handed me a Kia Rio right now I would make it work! BUT in the mean time I am trying to talk a guy down on the price of a Range Rover...mostly because he put a ton of work into it and now doesn't need it...and he likes me I hope. Not in a met me and I am cool way. But in a Single Mom with three kids and needs a good car at a great price kinda way! I just hope that what I offered he is able to do. Won't be the first time in the last few weeks that CL car shopping didn't work out for me. I am like the only person that NEVER wins the CL lotto with a good deal. My email or call always starts with "just sold it 10 mins sorry!" Yeah yeah you are not sorry...
So far the Land Rovers are in plenty out here and seem to last long and hold their value. My difference between that and a Civic in car insurance is only $5...and even though a gas guzzler I am lucky that some jobs pay me to drive to them...I am now a semi-pro at public transpo so I know now I don't have to RELY on a car to get where I am going...GO ME! So this could work...if I can find one. If not I have looked at other types. It is so hard to find a working SUV or Mini Van in LA for $3000 or less...that can pass smog...or is not WAY outta date on registration (leaving new owner to pay old registration fines)! I was telling my dad tonight that some ads I saw are people that would RATHER sell their perfectly working cars than stand in line at the DMV to register it...WTF! Okay...well if I get your cheap car and a day of nothing but Angry Birds and crabby state workers...GO ME again!

All in all this Hollyweek is going good, but it's only Monday! I wanted to make sure I blogged tonight because I will be on set Wednesday and Friday. Not as exciting as it sounds...cuz to me it sounds tiring! I will love it once I am there by 0630 with a cup of fresh brewed craft service coffee in my sleepy hands...having already been awake for 2 hours and another 13 hours to go! Whoo-hoo! I <3 my job! 

Wouldn't trade Hollyhome for the world right now :)

ps...please bear with me until i find the right color for this darn layout! lol

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