Monday, March 21, 2011

Time Flies...

So another 2 Hollyweeks have gone by...seems just like yesterday I blogged. I have been working quite a bit...GO ME! Most of the time my job is just a bit nerve wracking and not really hard. It's not like I bust rocks or load trucks. I make calls and do what I am told...sometimes I just do what I want...but it all works out the same. JOB WELL DONE! I have been lucky enough to work with a great friend of mine for the last month. We are a wonder team! I know that we ROCK as individuals....but.....we RULE as a team. I am so thankful for him and for the opportunity to work with him again!!

To add to the stressors of prepping for another show with our GANGSTA team...I am prepping to shoot my teaser/indiegogo video for my own short film titled 'Moving On'! For those of you that don't know I wrote a short screenplay almost 4 years ago. I had never made an attempt to write any of my ideas down before and it was very scary. As time went by and people heard about my endeavor and they wanted to read it! OMG I didn't think about that...if you write it...SOMEONE will WANT to read it! After nervousness of sharing my first attempt at writing I sent it out. Some of the notes back I heard were so very hard to take initially...but all were supportive and loved my ability to write witty dialogue. Probably because there are a thousand characters in my head from over the years! Close to multiple personalities...but my characters all have their own dressing room. There have been many times I have wanted to make this film...but like raising want to do it right because you really only have one shot! Nobody makes a crappy film and then turns around and say "OH SHIT lets do it over!!" Just does not work that way! Once a crap film is crap...well that's just what it is forever! You will make other movies if you are passionate enough and you learned enough...BUT that film will never be done again. So with that said This is my baby and I want to raise it right! Which leads me right into why we are making a teaser and putting it up on before we shoot the entire film. is a site in which you can post your independent projects and accept donations to fund them. Every film costs money even the ones that 'don't' TOTALLY DO! So we are off and running to raise a little bit of money to help with my cause. The script has gone through some changes, mostly because I have gone through some changes. (Everything happens in its own time!) But that means I have some cleaning up and fixing to do to that awesome dialogue that was mentioned before. So many versions of the script tend to cause that problem! Only a 15 minute film and I can't stop tweeking...I may never write a feature at this rate of progress :)

Mostly I am looking forward to acting in this film and make use of all those college years and my improv classes :) But mostly I want it for me...I want it for these girlies. That ability to not only create something...but the desire and drive to see it through! Certainly it will be submitted to festivals (which cost money) and certainly there will be a screening (which costs money). It will make an awesome calling card for me and the others involved (with money to do it right the first time)! Secretly though...I wouldn't be so sad if it was just complete and on my shelf! Accomplishment. Follow Through. Not Failing. Not Quitting. Commitment to MYSELF (for once)! The girls seem mostly unaware as to how far we have come on the project. But they are feeding off of mommy's get it done attitude and carrying it forward with them (small, but still)! 

All the Hollybabies are well. We have joined the YMCA and I am totally excited for Mommy and Me Music tomorrow morning (after a production meeting...a casting meeting BUT before running to the prop house for fake mace that fires)! 1015-1045! Big girls start dance and drama next week. I think I am going to sign them up for a few more classes just to get my money's worth...and to see the cutie personal trainer more often. (WHAT?!?! Might as well enjoy the perks!) Somebody...won't name a name...has a crush on a boy at school who OMG goes to the Y with his mommy! Sunday was an amazing time taking the kiddos for the first time. They were out of their minds excited and I was excited for them! I am told celebrities frequent the Y...UH OH who will the Hollygirls bump into this time and cause a ruckus! Only time will tell...and ya'll be the first to know :)

Mostly that is what is up for now. Probably something I am forgetting...OH YEAH! This Hollymama got us all a car! It's a 1996 Land Rover that some guy bought and started to fix up, but his fiance wanted it gone! So now it's mine :) I really am enjoying driving in ALL this dang rain...but parking was a pain this month. They wanted me to pay the whole months parking...for 1/2 the month! WTF--UH NO! I got it registered and inspected all by myself! Totally proud...but was missing a husband to do it for me on that day...I was over that quickly as it turned out to actually be okay. Guess I was in good company! OH and made like 10 calls home to Daddy! I have talked to my Daddy a lot this week. Even HollyStarr needs Daddy sometimes. He is a calm in my storm from time to time...if I bring myself to call him. He amazes me with his wisdom now. I don't know if it is because I am older OR because he is. Either way I appreciate Daddy's words now more than ever in my lifetime (sentiments over). I also did an 2 improv at IO West and one with my class at Second City! I was awful crabby for that last performance. Hopefully my class will forgive me and love me again : ! I also did a friends sketch at IO West to help them out! It was superfun and provided a great excuse to wear a slutty outfit for 3 minutes and relive my college years (well the pre-motherhood ones...also 3 minutes)! I even found time to proposition the HOT neighbor again...FAIL! We survived the LA Marathon road closures...we are so far surviving Idol and DWTS shutting us down from time to time...and looking forward to DisneyLand at Spring Break (girls don't know yet...hoping work won't get in the way of that plan)!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading. I hope you are getting a little insight and not falling asleep. Love you all. Miss you home.

MORAL OF THE BLOG-- I will be coming after you ALL for money and/or support very stay tuned...or stay away!!! BWHAHAHA

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