Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Appreciation

So YES I have not been blogging as much as I should or that I promised myself that I would when I FINALLY got off my hiney and started blogging! This has sat here unposted for two I add only this sentence to tell you :) BUT trust me it is not because nothing has been going on...A LOT has been going on and I have been busy and not busy all at the same time. So hard to explain to people whom don't have children...YES I am busy all the time in your opinion! NO I really just have bouts of busy in my opinion. Everyday there are the same basic tasks. Feed everyone, cloth and bath everyone, homework, school pick ups and drop offs, sometimes work, laundry and blah blah blah.... MOST of the time I have help with those mundane tasks because Tim is here! So I nearly have the luxury of picking and choosing which chores to do each day...which I did before he got here as well. I would just take the day off from housekeeper from time to time. The girls and I are extremely lucky to have him here! His schedule is about to pick up especially as HollyBaby is getting bigger and now we are all in a routine and have mostly settled down since THE BIG upset last October, which left me fending for myself. The down side to having someone you trust fully with the that those people are rare...and when they are your friend too then it's harder to actually hang out with them. Tim and I are in that boat now. Our hang out time involves laundry and finding a babysitter is becoming more and more difficult.
On average I really don't 'go out' much...but when I do it seems to be in spurts and is accompanied with work attached. After working so many days...LONG production days...I usually just want to be a house mouse for sometime after it wraps. Catch up with the girlies and get my lovin' from them. Gentle reminders of why I am the luckiest mom on earth! Kisses and Love and Fighting Screaming Barbarians!!!! I love them! I truly love my life! I have had moments this last week where I doubted the turns my life was taking and moments where I didn't think my heart was going to survive. YET I am still loving...I am still living...and I am still a single Mommy to my beauties!

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