Friday, July 8, 2011

Soundtrack Of My Life

For those of you whom are not caught up on my Hollyhome is a recap. I had the month of June off to goof around. Wrap up some script issues on 'Moving On' and learn to edit. Neither of which have seen task completion. BLAH! I finished the 4th level of the Conservatory at Second City and have moved on to the final level...the part where we take what we have some more...and turn out the best sketch show ever put up on The Second City Hollywood stage. Okay Okay so the last part is just optional...but something that resembles a sketch show must go up in 4 months time!

Assignment #1--Write A Frickin' Song 
    A title and a minimum of a 4 line chorus...not a lot to ask for.

I have been listening to crap love songs all day to inspire me. Although, it was nice to relive my love of Chicago and Boston (the bands not cities) Foriegner and Steve Miller Band. So in the end not a waste of time...nice walk down memory lane :)
BLAH! Now lucky for me most of my class is top notch in the song department. And while I could turn out some kick ass lyrics to a sad country love song from all the experience I have to pull from over the last few years...I highly doubt I can pull off anything clever and witty. I have had a severe case of writers block...FINE call it laziness...whichever.  I have truly been dreading this part of the Conservatory-- WRITING! I LOVE improv. I am on my feet. I am expected to say something stupid or not funny at every moment, so when it works just once people tend to forget about the 100 things I said before that 1 great know the 100 not smart things. BUT when I am writing my perfectionist Virgo side comes out and I panic and leave a blank page in the dust as I wonder off to do something else instead. With improv you can say 'well that's over, never do that scene again'... and with writing it's like 'well you had plenty of time to think it through and THAT'S what you came up with'. Writing blogs to keep ya'll back home and you nosey nelly's near by informed is hard enough. So that's why I warned ya'll that I would NOT be caring about punctuation or if my sentences made any sort of logical sense. What you don't know is I read and re-read all the time. Making changes. Not fixing mistakes so much as tweaking crap that nobody will ever re-read. At this point I am afraid that if one makes too much sense ... then it will throw off the balance of all the other ones that don't  and I will just delete them all! LOL

Back to topic of this song. Well. Huh? Yup I got nothing.

I did eventually get comfortable doing musical improv once a term. I took a workshop with the artistic director and a great musical helped and I had a blast. But you won't be seeing my album drop anytime soon! Now I love, love, love music. Of course I turn to music as a way to comfort my soul and raise my spirit. I have a musical family. I just steer clear of making it. I remember writing songs when I was little...about dandelions and about not having any friends because I was new at school ... WAIT A MINUTE ... I might be on to something. NOPE it's gone.  I surround myself with musical people. My Grayce is musical and has a deep love for music. Which I think her dad and I gave to her as a baby with music all the time...classical to classic rock, 80's to heavy metal. She picked up piano easily and guitar was not too bad. Ava Jo sings like an angel. I mean they pretty much rule...according to the Wii I am awesome...but AJ can't read and Grayce can't figure out how to hold the mic to pick up her voice. So I really shouldn't be bragging, it just makes me sound like a sad sad parent  :)

I know I can pull this off...but there is that inner romantic that just wants a sweet talking cowboy to write me a love song, ride up on his horse and play his guitar on my front porch. Where is George Strait and his crappy acting when a girl needs him? That was what I envisioned...not writing the damn thing myself and singing it to a wincing crowd of people. I guess there are some ear plugs in my production kit...I'll hand those out :)

*NO SHIT as I typed this someone's car outside headed to Hollywood Blvd was blaring a George Strait song from their car. Hollyweird!

Well. I am off to finish off my day and search for my inspiration to write this song OR wait for my handsome cowboy/hipster (this is Hollywood I may have to tweak this vision) to show up and sing me one!

**Note to self--By adding another child to your household ie. someone else's for a hang out all day and then sleepover. Your own children are completely entertained to allow you a significant window of time to get TONS of shit done. Mommy point for me! I won this round ladies...

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