Monday, April 25, 2011

Grammar Check Anyone?

WOWZA! I just read my last many grammar and punctuation errors! I decided that if it bothers you...ALL WELL! Not that I don't know how to proofread my own work or really should have some one do it for me before I put them up live. I just don't have time. My brain rarely functions with all cylinders firing anyway...then add the stress of working, mothering, and living the punctuation/grammar situation gets worse! So I must immediately be forgiven as soon as you find such a mistake and you will have to trust that a month later when I finally get to read through it and see all the mistakes I will be again too tired and unwilling to fix the errors. Also, don't discount that I could also just not have picked up on said errors at all. High school was a very long time ago and I didn't pay too much attention in college :)-

What a different month for me April has been. SLOW! No work. Not uber-happy about that financially, but I am trying to enjoy the down time with the kiddos. I just deleted a bunch of bitching...YOU'RE WELCOME FRIENDS :)

Shouldn't bitch about much. Life ain't half bad. Well most of it anyway. I live in the stress looking for work as a freelancer and dream of a permanent position at a busy production office, but until then I am gonna hold my head up and save my bitching for God's ears (well most of it anyway)!

I have filled my time wisely though! Lots of time with the Hollybabies. Volunteering at the school and thanks to one principal getting launched into the cat-fight of a PTG (Parent-Teacher Group) meeting. Parents who have been there for a long time doing things one way VS New parents who want things the right way...broadcast in ESPANOL! So basically I drank cold coffee and ate too many donuts! I had no idea this was all going on, I thought all was cool and I could just enjoy coffee while I waited to go to Mass with my special girl whom had her First Reconciliation that morning. These things made extra difficult with wiggly toddler in my arms! Meanwhile, SuperManny got to spend the day with the Pre-K thru 1st Grade on a field trip to the fire station! Trust me he had WAY more fun than I did that day. 
Other than that I am planning and working on the agenda for a one week theatre/improv camp at the school that will end with a great performance by the kiddos. 

We are all still enjoying our time at the YMCA. The HollyGirls LOVE karate! The excitement for them is almost funny. Now a certain 5 year old is waiting for someone to try to rob her on Hollywood Blvd so she can 'karate' them! LOL I love that they love it so much. I love that they know that all this exercise is keeping them fit and healthy. I despise the fact that all this working out is reminding me of how damn OLD I am these days. I am certain that a certain Marine from long ago would be disappointed in this crickety old woman crying from Mr. Adorable showing her how to USE the machines! Not even from a workout! Speaking of Cutie...he came right up to the stairclimber I was on today daydreaming of dates...what do I do? NOT look him in the eye and increase the rate of my steps to a pace that nearly killed me!!! I was barely holding on with AC/DC pushing me through. Tim had come over to talk to me and watched all of this take place...I love his even tone to just keep a straight face...and a secret! By the time Mr. Adorable said 'Hi. I didn't even notice it was you.' I was out of breath and dizzy...thinking...then WTH did I just do for the last 10 minutes if he didn't notice! I am just thankful I didn't pass out!  Tim asked what my obsession is...I said it's just a crush and it's fun! BUT I am thinking this may make me stronger...or KILL ME! Is that not the saying? 

Not too much is really going on at this moment. It's Spring Break for the girls! There is a lot I want to do with them during this was LAZY day! Well aside from this evenings work out and classes. I think I am going to take some classes for cardio and to just get my ass off this couch. I have some editing I need to learn how to do...gotta figure out where my sound is for some of these interviews and need to get everything up on ASAP! July is coming WAY faster than I could imagine! We are still on our winning streak at the student-cage matches...going for Sweet Sixteen this Friday.

I have so much more to write. But this post has been sitting around for UP it goes. I will get better and more consistent at writing these. Miss you all.

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