Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let's Catch Up...

Okay-Okay-Fine! I promised to be a more frequent blogger...and I have not been! I'll take the heat!

I have been writing...just not posting! I had a few months were I desired some privacy and went back to my original struggle with doing a blog. In the end. I decided there is nothing to hide. I live a great life. I am surrounded by great people and those I love who are not here on a daily basis...this is their way to know about Hollyhome and all its happenings. This blog I wrote a few weeks back. I will post some others soon. I promise :)

Hollyhome has been busy, busy, busy. In my down time I have worked so much...not for the pay but for ALL the experience it can bring me :)

My Conservatory class (aka Sketchy Bastards) at Second City...well the song is complete...which was written not by me...cuz well I am still working on mine-HA! Our show titled "Photos From Last Night" opened to a packed house and has remained packed for our first three shows. I feel that someones are missing from the audience. Like my badly I want to see my mommy holding post-show flowers for me and telling me how amazing I am. Don't get me wrong she has reminded me everyday for my whole life how great I am (minus some teenage days)! I wish my Daddy and Mama K could be here! Esp my Daddy...cuz I learned recently that he dreamed of doing this sort of work...I love learning about my parents. I would love for the 3 key people in raising me to see what it is that keeps me away from 'home'! I had hopes that my HS friend would join me for a closing night show...but we will see! December is a busy and expensive month to travel! The most important part is that I carry my family (ALL of them) and friends (ALL of them)  with me every time I brave the stage. Think I need to look into streaming that sucker live....hmmmm? Then you could all join me :)

Also, during this time my baby sister is planning a wedding and I the Maid of Honor (no won't use Matron...makes me sound old as hell!) have been busy with everything! I am could use a little help picking out my dress. She said I could choose and I have panicked at the thought...I was having a tough enough time choosing a theme for the bridal shower and a strip club for bachelorette party (bwhahahaha)! But I just got done looking at my options again and will proudly call her with my choice tomorrow so she can stop worrying her pretty red head about the matter and move on to enjoying the rest of the planning. I disliked being a bride as the day approached and choices had to be made, money had to be spent, feelings had to be considered, and not feeling fully supported in the planning. FAIL on me. I guess I just am not a great person to have in weddings. I have only ever been in one (and I was the alternate) I have been shunned out of! I try to lol...but really it still hurts pretty bad. Funny how its the brides day and we can all be there to support, but ultimately we end up hurt. Does NOT make sense! FAIL on me again.

I am so proud of her though! She has grown into the most amazing woman in the last 2 years...she is stronger, more independent and just over all a great WOMAN! She is worrying about making everyone happy for this advise to her-- YOU CAN'T! I love you and it will be great! Just breathe and trust all goes smoothly! Our family LOVES weddings and our loving aunts and cousins have made each one of our weddings a day to remember! See you soon my beautiful sister!

Hollygirls are amazing. G joined the volleyball team and got to play in a few games as a 3rd grader! They had an amazing season...nearly made it to the playoffs! Actually they were guaranteed a spot...then got a little screwed over by another team that said they inaccurately counted wins and losses...and our Lady Lions lost their spot :( As the 8th graders cried...G said to me "got 5 more years!" Now she has moved on to Basketball...almost to her first game :) She also has been at The Second City in the youth conservatory. Doing improv has brought her to life...and she has great jokes now! Further theory on children and improv to come later...w

AJ is just being AJ. Diva-licious and fabulous! I let both girls audition for a commercial I worked on...thought it would be fun! And boy they ate it up! AJ memorized the lines...G coached her and they both nailed it in the room! Don't know if they actually could have gotten cast...because the chance was more to curb their curiousity. They do ask to do it again--UH OH!

 I will start publishing all of these...I many just sitting around!

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